Say not in grief ‘he is no more’…

“Say not in grief ‘he is no more,’ but live in thankfulness that he was.”

~ Hebrew proverb

Now having Jewish family members, I only recently came to know and appreciate various aspects of the faith and culture. This quote, a Hebrew proverb is the epitome of a thought process that I, for one, wish to aspire to. “…Live in Thankfulness… ,” in this instance for a life lived! when Mom died I was consumed with grief. In retrospect I was self absorbed in that grief. I cannot say that I would not grieve again but hope that I can muster the gratefulness recommended in this quote – “live in thankfulness that she was.”

Pray tell, what do you think?

About Bernice

Bernice first started writing to help friends gain acceptance to medical school and subsequently with speeches and eulogies. As a teacher for twenty years, she helped students with writing and grammar. In 2008, she opened Last Word Eulogies to help others at a time of extreme distress. Subsequently, after requests for various types of writing, she opened Articulate Professional Writers. Today, retired from teaching, Bernice spends her time helping clients to honor loved ones with heartfelt, loving eulogies and others with personal and business writing. In her free time Bernice travels, does personal writing, produces art and enjoys time with friends and family. She views travel as an opportunity to enrich the mind, heart and soul and family members as a source of strength. Bernice’s businesses include Articulate Professional Writers, Last Word Eulogies and Artistico Arts . She is also the founder and chair of Women of Wisdom in Calgary.
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One Response to Say not in grief ‘he is no more’…

  1. Sandra Boos says:

    It’s so true… we lament at what we’ve lost and forget to be thankful that we had it in the first place. How would I have been shaped had I not had a mom that taught me the true meaning of love. She taught me to give to others before I think of myself. Of course, I’m not perfect and there are times when I lose sight of that but for the most part I think I have followed her example. I am inquisitive by nature and in trying to learn more about the Jewish ways, it has dawned on me several times that the basis of their teachings is what I adhere to and what was passed on to me by my mom and her Christian ways. She followed the example of Jesus in every day living and most scholars agree that Jesus was a Jewish teacher so it comes back to the Jewish proverb and I am grateful for all that. Of course, this is hindsight and the real trick will be if I can come to this way of thinking when I am grieving again.

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