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These memorial speeches in template eulogy form are pre-written, readymade, funeral speeches, ready for download. With many templates in each category, all are error free and ready for you to personalize. Please follow directions as requested.

Please note - Eulogies in the Soldier category (see "Soldier" below) are presently free when the soldier was killed in battle. Last Word Eulogies offers this service out of respect and honor for the soldier who lost his/her life in service to our country. *Please see below.

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Mother Father
Wife Husband
Sister Brother
Daughter Son
Teenager Baby
Grandmother Grandfather
Stepmother Stepfather
Mother-in-law Father-in-law
Female friend Male friend
Aunt Uncle
Soldier* Colleague

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Alternatives to a template:

  • a eulogy written from scratch according to the answers you provide on a questionnaire
  • a eulogy composed from an personal interview with one of our writers. (Available in Calgary and Edmonton only!)

*For a limited time, Last Word Eulogies is offering Soldier eulogies free. Purchase and download the Soldier templates. Send an email stating the circumstance of your soldier's death including name and location. If verified, Last Word Eulogies will refund the purchase price less PayPal costs.

Last Word Eulogies is so sorry for your loss
and understands this sorrowful and stressful time.

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