Examples of Eulogies

This eulogy sample gives you a glipse of a eulogy written from responses to a questionnaire.

Standard eulogies are customized funeral speeches. You compete a questionnaire and we write the eulogy for you. Types are as follows:

  • Historical/Chronological
  • Legacy
  • Memories
  • Theme
  • Tribute

And examples of eulogies?

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The free sample eulogy that follows was delivered by a father for his beloved deceased daughter. Sadly, his daughter was killed while serving in Afghanistan.

This military eulogy, funeral speech, was composed from a questionnaire.

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Eulogy for a Fallen Soldier
Date: February 21st, 2009

A few days ago we were all shocked and devastated by the death of our beloved daughter, Jennifer. I could not be more heart-broken and yet I am speaking today to recognize ...

Let me tell you about Jennifer who was a woman with the qualities of a true soldier ... In her youth she sought situations and activities where she could exercise those qualities ...

Jennifer's father continued this heartfelt and meaningful eulogy, then concluded with a peom written by George Lunt. You can find this poem on the "Eulogy Poetry" page.

Requiem for One Slain in Battle

Breathe, trumpets, breathe
Slow notes of saddest wailing
Sadly responsive peal, ye muffled drums;
Comrades, with downcast eyes
And banners trailing,
Attend him home,
The youthful warrior comes.
Upon his shield,
Upon his shield returning
Borne from the field of honor ...

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