Help Writing Eulogies

We are sorry for your loss
understand this distressing time.

Last Word Eulogies provides template eulogies for those wishing to honor or celebrate a life with a funeral or memorial speech. Whether you are preplanning a eulogy presentation or delivering it within days, these eulogies will provide a perfect framework from which to work. This site also offers free information related to defining a eulogy, resources, links and helpful samples.

Why seek help writing a eulogy?

Writing a eulogy, funeral or memorial speech is difficult because of mourning, lack of time, stress and the demanding nature of the writing process. Despite this, each of us wants to honor our loved one. We want to celebrate his/her life in the best way possible. Writing and presenting a eulogy at a funeral or memorial service not only helps you do this but it also starts you on the road to healing the loss.

Offering words that honor and celebrate
a life and touch the hearts of those listening.